A New Approach to Stewardship

Those familiar with agriculture know that the sound conservation practices currently employed by many farmers and ranchers contribute to improved water quality, reduced soil erosion, enhanced soil quality and increased wildlife habitat. We also know that there is room for improvement, a natural part of continually striving to do better. And we know there are some folks out there who believe we could do a lot better, even to the point of suggesting regulation of farming practices.

The Green Star Farms Initiative is a new approach intended to challenge farmers and those who advise them on farming practices to think critically about both agricultural production and resource protection. Created with substantial input from farmers, we hope you will consider this your initiative. All information you provide remains completely confidential (see our Privacy page) and available only to you. Aggregation of farm information allows you to compare your analysis to other farms across the state, within a region, or within a sector. Aggregated information also helps identify broader research and education needs, which is of value to the many farm organizations working together to address water quality and stewardship issues through the MAWRC.

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